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Brought to you by British beauty artists Yvonne Tobin & Stanley Grover, the 3 products are brand new or inspired from home, and 3 are Inspired By Wines.

LIMOZA – An original Italian lemon ice cream made with real freshly squeezed lemon juice. The ice cream was created by Stanley Grover of Grover Fine Italian Ice Cream, in 2006. Grover is a big fan of the citrus flavour that lemon provides.

ELEXION – named after one of the stars of the new Harry Potter movie – by artist Stephanie Gribbie. A mint and mint chocolate bar. Representing the universe of Harry Potter. Pomegranate and vanilla.

TENAESIA – Red, green and purple honeysuckle with light dried apricot and apple mousse. Representing the epitome of spring and summer.

HELENA – A vixen’s smile with peony and tonka bean as the three colours of her hair. Representing the Winter Queen.

DISCLAIMER: You May Need to Buy one to Three of the Perfumes/Fragrances On Our Blog to Find The Perfect Match.

The 3 beauty products in the lineup are:

  • 1) Sirenitas – Lemon Ice Cream with Freshly Pressed Lemon Juices
  • 2) Serenita – Myrrh Chocolate Bar with Cacao Nibs and Pistachio Roast
  • 3) Helena – Chai Latte with Matcha and Tofu Continue Generating

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