Now that men are surrounded by a plethora of young women, a new study has revealed that female choice, not biology, is the reason why men come to end relationships with them.

While finding a partner is the primary reason why people want a relationship, the new research suggests a number of other reasons why women continue to pursue men.

The study conducted by Rachel Barrios at the University of Arizona, finds that why women keep pursuing men in marriage, despite consistent disengagement, is because “if a woman is in the market for a man, he better be available for her,” and that “she’s more interested in finding a suitor who will commit to a long-term relationship.”

The researchers surveyed 772 college students on a wide range of aspects of dating and committed relationships, such as their engagement, relationship length, and number of previous relationships. The study found that “in the past 12 months, women were more interested in a committed partner who would treat them well, made her happy, and who would leave her better off than the one she was currently with.”

However, “women are less interested in a man who has commitment issues or who is unable to show they will stick with them through thick and thin,” the researchers found, although they concluded that “all of the women we talked to had boyfriends, and all of them felt that boyfriends really enjoyed and appreciated being with them.”

Furthermore, the study shows that “women are more interested in men who would be good role models for them,” the researchers said, which would also help a woman if she were to date a married man.

Finally, the researchers noted that women are more satisfied with men who live in their hometowns. “One reason for this might be that women who live in larger cities are more likely to graduate from college, whereas women who live in smaller cities are less likely to graduate from college, which in turn raises the question of how much getting a college degree in the first place was being considered a priority for their partner,” the study said.

In the final part of the study, which they did for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Yalom and Dovidio concluded that “women’s immediate partner desires do not match their preferences for their distant partner, suggesting that there is a difference in women’s expectations of a person who is most or least likely to live near them. Women who expect men who are less likely to live near them will be more important to them in the future also have more negative expectations for their distant partner. For women, the nature of their future relationship with a man who will be the most or least likely to live nearby matches their preference for the distant partner. Women who choose someone who will be the most important to them in the future also have more negative expectations for their immediate partner.”

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