It is the right class for you if:

  • You have taken yoga lessons but would like to delve deeper into the practice principles.
  • You want to start practicing yoga, but you’re anxious about just plunging into a room.
  • You want to take time to master alignment to protect your body and make sure you are not getting hurt.
  • You would like the tools to start your own practice in your home.
  • We want to explore the many benefits of yoga, from increased strength and endurance to a more concentrational and relaxed feeling.
  • You love the yoga ‘s physical practice but want to explore beyond the asanas.

By enrolling in this class, you will gain the essential knowledge of how to:

  • Practice various Yoga principles and techniques.
  • Relate the eight Yoga limbs to your everyday life.
  • Using your breath to promote releasing tension and stress.
  • Align yourself correctly with standing poses, turns, back bends, and more.

28 Days To Yoga Bliss

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