It is the right class for you if:

  • You ‘re curious about a diet based on plants but feel like it’s too hard to do on your own. You know it’s a positive idea to eat more vegetables but maybe you just need that little push to make a long-term shift.
  • You want to boost the athletic results, or you want to be motivated to work harder. You’ve tried all the trendy powders and fitness drinks but you want a true, natural way to make your body work harder and have more strength.
  • You want to feel great. Whether you want to lose weight, gain more energy or see better results in your doctor’s office, you ‘re ready to change your lifestyle to make your reality fantastic!

By enrolling in this class, you will gain the essential knowledge of how to:

  • Ensure you get the right nutrients in your diet.
  • Train or exercise endurance smarter when on a plant-based diet.
  • Eat out without causing a scene at a restaurant.
  • Communicate with others on changes in your new lifestyle.

The Ultimate Guide To Plant- Based Nutrition

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